LLS is a sports coaching and education provider delivering innovative programmes throughout the North of England, North Wales and Northern Ireland. Since our launch in 2008 our team has grown to comprise of industry professionals such as PE teachers, elite coaches, multi-sport specialists, marketers, administrators, mentors and apprentices whose expertise and passion help LLS to deliver a programme, which in 2014, engaged over 29,000 participants.

We work in partnerships with schools and colleges, big and small, devising bespoke programmes to help them meet their strategic objectives with our main priority being the children and young people we engage, which brings us on nicely to our key objectives- of which we have two.

Key Objectives

Firstly, to raise participation for children between the ages of 4 and 11, which we do through our strategic partnerships with Professional Football Clubs such as Liverpool FC Foundation and Burnley FC in the Community harnessing these global brands to engage and inspire children through the medium of sport.

Our second objective is to train the next generation of inspiring coaches and create careers in the sports industry for young people aged 16 and over. This is achieved through the delivery of high quality vocational and academic qualifications, outstanding work experience and access to a global network of Universities and employers at home and abroad.