Imaginative play is strongly linked to language, narrative language, abstract thought, problem solving, logical sequential thought, creation of stories, social competence with peers, understanding a social situation and integration of emotional, social and cognitive skills. It allows children to create a world where they can safely explore boundaries… In other words it’s important.

At Laughter Tots we believe it’s never too early to start enjoying imaginative play with your little one.

As a Mum of two and a regular attendee of baby classes, I was looking for a class that would provide this sort of imaginative play but wasn’t limited to just one area of development. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for I decided to create Laughter Tots and combine both Messy and Sensory play.

Thinking of new and exciting ways to play isn’t always as easy as it sounds. I set myself the challenge to develop sessions where the play wasn’t just fun for the babies but also for the adults. My favourite memories as a child are the ones where we played shop or school or house or astronauts!! And imagination ruled.

Laughter Tots was born out of my passion for encouraging this kind of imaginative play from babyhood.!about_us/cjg9